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 Noah Template

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PostSubject: Noah Template   Sat Apr 25, 2009 4:33 pm

-Name: (the name of your character. It should be sorta strange, like one character was named Jasdebi)

-Age: (self-explanitory)

-Height (self-explanitory)

-Weight (self-explanitory)

-Nationality: (self-explanitory)

-Description: (5 lines minimum and a picture would be nice. Also please include the of the crosses on the Noahs' foreheads in the descprition.)

-Personality: (5 lines min for their personality. You can make them sorta quirky... Most of the Noah Clan have... some "issues")

-Noah Power: (which of the 13 Noah are you? See the List of Noah to see which ones are left)

-History: (Add in their life before they became official "Noah" and a little bit about when they became Noah such as their age.)

-RP Sample: Just to get an idea for how you like to RP and the way you write.
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Noah Template
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