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 Adela Cassidy

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PostSubject: Adela Cassidy   Adela Cassidy I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 30, 2015 7:19 pm

Name: Adela Cassidy

Nickname: Snow Queen

Weight: 174 lb.

Height: 5'10

Age: 17

Nationality: Unknown

Gender: Female

Looks: Short brown hair and dark brown eyes. Wears light-blue shirt and black jeans. Wears Exorcist jacket that comes down to waist and has inside pockets.

Personality: She is very headstrong and secretive. She doesn't like to use her Innocence unless absolutely necessary. She has a fondness for baked goods, cupcakes being her favorite.

Innocence Information:

Name: Manus Glacies

Description: Innocence is located on both of her hands. It is a deep blue cross and causes her hands to be white. It's power is creating ice when its accomodator wills it.  When its user gets nervous or upset, it becomes unpredictable and shoots ice all willy-nilly.

Type: Parasite

Syncrorate: 67%

Abilities: Freeze Transformation, Ice Sculpure, Ice Statue

-Abilities Template:

Name: Freeze Transformation, Ice Sculpture, and Ice Statue.

Description: Freeze Transformation- Turns objects into ice. Does not take much energy.
Ice Sculpure: Makes simple objects that its user wants out of ice. The bigger or flashier the object, the more energy it takes.
Ice Statue: Used as a last resort, this attack encases its user in ice and uses her energy to make it and any other ice objects that are created unbreakable. This attack only lasts as long as its user can stand.

Past: Adela always had them, and they caused much conflict in her childhood. Assuming that people would never accept her, she chose to live alone in the woods. That was when akuma started attacking her. She quickly learned Ice Sculpture and Freeze Transformation, but didn't know about Ice Statue until she joined the Order.

Role-playing Sample:

Sup? I'm Adela. I'm new at this whole Exorcist thing. And you are?

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Adela Cassidy
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