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 Lacy Mcgreggor

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Lacy Mcgreggor

Lacy Mcgreggor

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PostSubject: Lacy Mcgreggor   Lacy Mcgreggor I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 29, 2015 7:06 pm

Name: Lacy Mcgreggor

Nickname: (none)

Weight: 123 lbs

Height: 5'3

Age: 16

Nationality: Welsh

Gender: Female

Looks: She has mid-arm length dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. She has pale skin and freckles and is usually seen with a smile on her face. Her uniform is a black dress that goes to her knees with two belts attached at the center, making an 'x' around her waist. Her exorcist jacket goes to the bottom of her ribcage. Her hair is almost always pulled back into a ponytail.

Personality: Usually a pleasant person to strangers, but once you get to know her, she's a demon. She snarly and loves to pull pranks on people. She acts likes she's untouchable, but if you put a snake near her(real or not) she freaks and faints. Not ticklish, but has two weak spots. The back of her neck and behind her ears. If you pinch her neck, she freezes and can't move. If you scratch and rub behind her ears, she'll melt in your hands. Very overprotective of friends. She calls them her 'property'.

Innocence Information:
Name: Nefoedd ac uffern

Description: It's a necklace that was once a monocle. It's clear glass in the middle with a gold rim. The decorations on the top part are intricate and swirly with light and dark jewels embedded in it. The chain itself is a plain gray chain. The original one broke when she got it. Unfortunately the glass is cracked, so it doesn't look the same, its dull and the glass is foggy.

Type: Equipment

Syncrorate: 30%

Heaven's Light: Bursts of light that can blind level twos, but burn level ones. If she concentrates hard enough, it can turn into a ball of light and she can throw it. She is very good with this attack.
Angel Sword: A sword made out of pure condensed light. She pulls it out of one of the gems in her necklace and when she does that, her shadow looks like she has bird wings. She is not very good with this one, so she does not use it often.
Shadow Gate: When she attacks with this one, she summons a door that holds creatures of the akuma's nightmares (when it was human). She summons the monster(s) or thing, and sends it to attack. This is her most used attack, so it causes her to be a bit darker in her personality every time she uses it.
Hell's Scythe: A scythe that is made out of, what seems to be, fire and shadows. It is very large and can take down a level three in about five consecutive strikes. Unfortunately, it causes her to be terrifying to anyone around her, meaning she is violent and seems like she would skin you for fun. Because of this, she only has used it once and plans to never use it again.

Past: Lacy retrieved the necklace by her grandfather on Christmas when she was 12. Unfortunately, her little sister pulled on the chain when she saw it, and it broke. It fell onto the floor and cracked. It never broke completely, but she had to replace the chain and that is how it became a necklace instead of a monocle.

Background Info and Sample


Before Innocence Arc: Lacy was raised in a small town in Wales with her family members close. She had a sister and both of her parents. Her grandfather lived next to them and her aunt and uncle lived across town. She didn't have a lot of friends, but to her, that made them even more special. Her grandfather tools her stories of them being related to kings and how they were forced into hiding. She enjoyed his stories, but her parents always laughed and rolled their eyes. One Christmas, when she was 12, she received a beautiful monocle from her grandfather. As she admired it, he said it was something of their ancestors. Her sister wanted to see it, Lacy wouldn't let her see it, so they fought. Long story short it broke and the chain had to be replaced.
After recieving Innocence Arc: A few months after receiving the gift, her grandfather died. And that's when everything went wrong. Her father became a drunkard and never was home. Her mother became a mistress and the fights began. Her sister never spoke or ate. On the day of the funeral, the Earl showed himself to her sister. He told her of how he would come back, and she fell for it. She died by her grandfathers hands, and he killed everyone. As aimed his guns to kill Lacy, her necklace glowed and distracted it and the Earl. Before they could say anything, a man in a black exorcist coat saved her. And that's where the story begins.

RolePlaying Sample: *looks at you* I don't think that your stupid! Its just that I find you boring. I could help you not be boring though. Sooooo, you can find me in the cafeteria or my room. And no buts! You're taking nonvoting lessons from me! Good luck! You're going to need it to deal with me.
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Lacy Mcgreggor
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