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 Glossary -a guide-

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This is to help anyone who doesn't understand some of the terms used in this RP...

-Administrative: a term used to describe the job of a worker of the Black Order. Administors are a small group made up of Central advisors and the Supervisor.

-Akuma: a machine/demon created by the Millenuim Earl to fight the Exorcists of the Black Order. They are created when someone wants someone precious to come back to life. The Earl shows up and makes a mechanical skeleton which the soul inhabits. Then on the order of the Earl, the soul killed the person who called them back and uses their skin to hide their ugly appearance. There are four known levels: 1, 2, 3, and 4.... The bullets that they shoot, if they hit, the person's body will start to have red stars all over it, then it will turn black. Then the person's body will crumble into ashes.

-Asian Branch: a part of the Black Order that is based in China.

-Black Order: the organization founded by the Vatican to find and protect the Innocence. They are controlled by the Vatican.

-Central: the name given to the group of advisors who work in the Vatican that control the Black Order.

-Clan of Noah: the decendants of Noah. They are super humans who are almost impossible to kill. However, there are only 13, since the 14th Noah was killed many years ago.

-Crystal-type: Innocence that is an evolved form of equipment-type. It relies on the users blood to work, so it is like Parasite-types in that it may shorten the user's lifespan, but not as significantly.

-Equipment-types: Innocence that had to be crafted into a weapon.

-Exorcists: soldiers trained to use Innocence to fight the Akuma.

-Grand Generals: the five who control which exorcists are sent on which missions with the help fo the Vatican and the HQ Supervisor. They share a dark room with Helvaska.

-Generals: these are the Exorcists who have 100% syncrorate with their Innocence. They lead the exorcists in the battle field and are often sent on secret missions. They can be anywhere at anytime and only have to report to HQ once a month by letter or in person. They also often take apprentices to train them to be exorcists.

-Innocence: a majical substance that came from a cube found many hundreds of years ago. Ensrcibed on the side was a warning to future generations about the Millenium Earl and his "Three Days of Darkness", also known as Noah's Flood. During the flood, the peices of Innocence were scattered around the world and the Black Order is trying to find them before the Millenium Earl does.

-Lero: the Millenium Earl's golem. He is an umbrella with a pumpkin for a head. He can talk and is almost never seperated from the Earl. This is because he carries the Earl's Sword, Auguste, when its not in use.

-Middle East Branch: a part of the Black Order based in the Middle East.

-Millenium Earl: the main antagonist. He is an ancience sorcerer of dark magic who creates the Akuma using people's dispair and loss.

-Noah's Ark: a large city caught between dimensions that can travel to any place in the world. Only three people can control it: the Earl, the First Noah Child, and the 14th Noah. It is currently in the hands of the Black Order.

-North American Branch: a part of the Black order based in North America.

-Oceania Branch: a part of the Black Order that is made up of all the islands in the world.

-Parasite type: Innocence that is part of the exorcist's body. Parasite-types have to eat a lot more than normal exorcists due to the innocence being part of their body. Their lifespans are shortened significantly by the Innocence.

-Science Department: these people make the clothes for the exorcists, trying to find materials that won't be destroyed as easily, and creating equipment for Finders to battle Akuma as well as they can. They also can forge Equipment-type Innocence.

-Wireless Golem: Little batlike machines that the Black Order use to communicate over distances. Each exorcist has one. However, none of these golems can enter Noah's Ark because they malfunction and explode.
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Glossary -a guide-
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