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 Amanda Bosch

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Name: Amanda Bosch

Nickname: The Decomposing Exorcist

Weight: 127 lbs

Height: 5'8'

Age: 18

Nationality: Dutch

Gender: Female

Looks: https://servimg.com/image_preview.php?i=2&u=18808023

Personality: Amanda is a calm, but humorous girl that enjoys to tinker and craft when she's not on missions. She's rather impulsive about how food is arranged on dishes, and how things are placed in rooms. She can be energetic sometimes, but likes to keep to herself. She is secretly quite depressed and is known to mope when others aren't around.

Innocence Information:

Name:  Lucian Funar

Description: The boy in Amanda's arms is literally walking innocence. He was an corpse whose various organs were donated to others. He has slight emotions towards outsiders, but he is very protective of his Exorcist. He is known to smile after he and Amanda have dealt with Akuma, since he is actually a sadistic piece of innocence.

Type: The type of Innocence may be crystal or parasite, since it is living inside of a decaying body. Amanda has yet to figure out what type he is.

Syncrorate: 73%


Skin Bite; After joining bodies, Amanda and Lucian can use their Innocence to make small zombie-like creatures to attack their opponent. However, if their opponent is bitten, they opponent is poisoned and their movements are slowed and their thinking becomes hazy.


Blood Prancer; Fully using her Innocence, Amanda's form is mutated further, and her hair grows and her skin becomes more like that of a corpse. This is the price however of Blood Prancer, as the ability takes the blood of the user and makes it so they can move it at free will. Her blood is like a toxin, if it enters the blood stream of the enemy, it poisons them and damages the blood vessels of the organs inside. The only antidote is to eat a petal from the flower that sits at her waist.



Before Innocence Arc:
Amanda was just a normal little kid living in the gutters of a small Norwegian town, living off of what people gave to her and what she grew or hunted. She and her older sister lived in a little hut outside of the town, where she one day discovered that her sister had hung herself from the willow tree outside of their house. People began to make rumors that Amanda was practicing witch craft on the bodies of the dead. She did brush or cut her hair from then on, and decided to stay away from the townspeople as best as she could.

Discovering Innocence Arc:
A few months after her sister had died, Amanda began to see a boy walking around in the forest near her house. She one day decided to follow after him, only to find him eating the liver of a wild sheep. When she tried to get away quietly, she tripped and gave away her position, trembling in fear as the boy approached her. She was surprised when he picked her up and carried her home. What surprised her even more was that he stayed with her, telling her that they needed to stick together.

Becoming an Exorcist:
After learning how to basically control her innocence, Amanda traveled across Europe with Lucian to find the Black Order. After a few tiring months, they finally arrived at HQ, where several Exorcists tried attacking her after having seen Lucian's corpse form. After clearing up the confusion, they were both free to join the Order.

RolePlaying Sample:
-Amanda and Lucian sat at a table idly chatting among the other Exorcists.-
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Amanda Bosch
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