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 Exorcist Template

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PostSubject: Exorcist Template   Exorcist Template I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 25, 2009 12:57 pm

Name: (The name of your character. It doesn't have to be Japanese... it can be anything you want)

Nickname: something you might want to be called (Optional)

Weight: (self-explanitory... but make it realistic)

Height: (self-explanitory)

Age: (*rolls eyes* see above)

Nationality: (self-explanitory)

Gender: (male or female.... obvious)

Looks: (at least five senetences on the looks of your character. Also a pic would be nice.)

Personality: (At least six senetences about their personality. Quirks and odd habits can be included)

Innocence Information:
Name: (give it a really flashy name)

Description: (five senetences about how it looks. Do not include special abilities, but if the appearance changes for SA's, then include it. A picture is not required, but if you want one, thats fine)

Type: (equipment or Parasite. If yours gonna have parasite, please ask a staff member first. Parasites are rare.)

Syncrorate: (the percentage that you are in sync with your innocence. Allen Walker's was 83% when he showed up at the Order, but he'd had it his entire life, so make it realistic)

Abilities: (The attacks that your innocence can use. Minimum of two, max of four, unless you're a General)

-Abilities Template:
Name: (name of the attack)
Description: (describe the attack in a minimum of two sentences. However, if your going to only write two sentences, make them very descriptive and long)

Past: (tell how your character got their Innocence, where they'd found it, ect)

Background Info and Sample

History: (Their past before they joined the Order basically. You can divide it into several arcs like so:

Before Innocence Arc:
After recieving Innocence Arc:)

RolePlaying Sample: (this is just for the staff and other members to get an idea of how you like to write your entries. This one can be of anything really... so long as it stays withing the rules)

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Exorcist Template
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