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 Bane of Hearts

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Luna 'Runa' Ainil

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PostSubject: Bane of Hearts   Bane of Hearts I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 27, 2013 3:46 pm

Name: Bane of Hearts

User: Luna 'Runa' Ainil http://blacksoul.forumotion.com/t37-luna-ainil-called-runa

Description: A bow, black in color, with white rings near the top and bottom that glow when her Innocence is in use. When using the ability 'Flamebringer' the bow's rings become green fire encircling the bow.

Type: Equipment, as Runa just wasn't lucky enough to have a parasite-type.

Syncro Rate: 68%

History: Runa had been traveling for a long time, shooting in contests, when she accidentally met up with a level one Akuma. Her bow reacted (all this time she had not known just how powerful her bow was), allowing her to shoot down the Akuma. Shortly after that, she was contacted by the Black Order.
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Bane of Hearts
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