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 Luna Ainil, Called Runa

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Luna 'Runa' Ainil

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PostSubject: Luna Ainil, Called Runa   Luna Ainil, Called Runa I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 27, 2013 3:38 pm

Name: Luna Ainil

Nickname: Prefers to be called Runa

Weight: 109 lbs

Height: 5' 2"

Age: 14

Nationality: A bit of a mutt, little bit of German, Irish, 'American' blood from her grandparents.

Gender: Female

Looks: *wishes she could provide a picture* Luna has black hair, but the strands in front are white-silver. Her exorcist uniform is pretty simple. Tight-fitting black pants, long coat, fur-rimmed hood, boots that go up mid-thigh and are furred, and gloves.

Personality: Runa is rather quiet and reserved, often keeping her problems to herself. She makes no hesitation to speak her mind, and is usually in a good mood. She tends to smile when speaking, but her smiles are more directed to those she's known for a long time and trusts completely. She spends a lot of time in her room, alone (curled up with a good book in some corner, if not her room), or singing. She loves singing, but keeps it to herself, because she is afraid people won't like it. Her words come straight from the heart, and are usually about struggle and pain, but there is always a sliver of hope in her songs. She does this because, she says, it symbolizes the little purity in a world of blackened hearts and broken souls.

Innocence Information:
Name: Bane of Hearts

Description: A bow, black in color, with white rings near the top and bottom that glow when her Innocence is in use. When using the ability 'Flamebringer' the bow's rings become green fire encircling the bow.

Type: Equipment

Syncrorate: 68%

Abilities: Flamebringer, Ebony Arrows, Darts of Hope

-Abilities Template:
Name: Flamebringer
Description: Flamebringer lights the bow's rings ablaze, and the arrows become stronger, faster, and set fire to their target, often initiating explosions. When in use, it allows Runa to become slightly faster.
Name: Ebony Arrows
Description: Ebony Arrows transforms the arrows used into shafts of shadow, and is the fastest of the abilities. A single arrow can usually cut through a level one, and when fired rapidly, Runa can bring down several level ones at once.
Name: Darts of Hope
Description: Darts of Hope is the strongest ability, turning the arrows into darts of light. Two of these can severely wound a level two, and a few more slow, strong shots can bring one down for finishing off.

Past: Runa had been traveling for a long time, shooting in contests, when she accidentally met up with a level one Akuma. Her bow reacted, allowing her to shoot down the Akuma. Shortly after that, she was contacted by the Black Order.

Background Info and Sample

History: Runa lived with her father, but when he disowned her after marrying another woman, she went away to travel. In the first town she came to, she gained her bow and began to learn to shoot. After this time, she began shooting in contests for money and made a living. Eventually, she settled down in a town, and met an odd boy, who seemed very distant from the world. At this point, her precious bow reacted by beginning to glow. Uncertain, Runa had picked it up, notched an arrow, and shot it at a tree. Miraculously, the arrow changed direction, hitting the boy, who transformed into a level one Akuma after being hit. With a few more shots, Runa, shocked and confused, brought the Akuma down. She spent several days locked in her home. The townspeople grew worried. It was then that she was contacted by the Black Order, meeting up with a general and traveling to the Middle East Branch headquarters.

RolePlaying Sample: Runa smiled at the boy, who returned her kind action with an empty, emotionless smile of his own. She lifted an eyebrow, but said nothing. Together, they walked down an empty street, towards the girl's house. Hey, Argos, do ya ever feel....trapped? she asked of the boy, who looked at her with sad eyes. Always... he responded, frowning.

Tilting her head slightly, she invited him into her home and to the yard, where her bow was wrapped in a leather casing, hidden away beneath a stone. The moment her hand touched it, Argos recoiled. The bow began to glow, and Runa watched silently. C'mon, Argos. Nothing to be scared of. she said, although she was frightened herself. She hoped to inspire confidence in herself more than her friend, to be truly honest. Notching an arrow, she aimed at the target hung on the small tree. The bow traveled straight, turning at the last second and coming to rest at Argos' feet.

The boy's face looked strangled with fear. Argos? Runa asked, notching another arrow as he began to change...the monster before her triggered hatred, a feeling she hadn't felt since her father abandoned her for a woman and her two sons. She aimed the arrow directly at the monster, and the arrow flew straight towards the Akuma's face. It hit, and Runa ducked behind the tree to avoid the purplish bullets the creature had shot at her. Notching another arrow, Runa held a breath, flipping around to shoot the creature once more. She aimed for the pentacle on its forehead, and with a small flash of light, the Akuma was destroyed.

Panting, Runa closed her eyes. Sorry, Argos.
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Luna Ainil, Called Runa
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