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 Runa Ainil, a pleasure to meet you

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Luna 'Runa' Ainil

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PostSubject: Runa Ainil, a pleasure to meet you   Sun Jan 27, 2013 2:56 pm

This website seems very interesting, indeed. Quite nice, much like an old site I roleplayed on for some time. Very good. I think, if this website is as active as I hope, things will go well between me and the community. Hello, my name is Luna, but I go by Runa. Sounds prettier, if you ask me. Yes, I am a girl. My favorite D.Gray-Man charrie is Lavi, but Allen is a close second. Kanda's too mean for me, but he's pretty, I'll give him that. My favorite pairing is Laven (They are adorable together!) and my favorite color is red.

Again, pleased to met you.
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Runa Ainil, a pleasure to meet you
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