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 Leanan Rose@Chou

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Name: Leanan Rose@Chou (got her name due to the descriptions of her Innocence(s).)

Nickname: Leanan

Weight: 50kg

Height: 154cm

Age: 15

Nationality: Chinese-British, but her looks are more Asian-like.

Gender: Female

Leanan Rose@Chou Brunettes%20clouds%20katana%20weapons%20red%20eyes%20short%20hair%20soft%20shading%20anime%20girls%20swords%203198x1984%20wal_www.wallpaperto.com_34

Silent and secretive, too honest for her own good, has low self confidence, but can push herself to her limits if she is too determined. Easily frightened and has a traumatizing experience with the dark.

Innocence Information: (This character has two Innocences that are compatible with her body, so I'm just going to put them in...)
1) Bara no Oukan (Rose Crown), Homura
2) Sasayaki o Mau (Fluttering Whisperer), Mio

1) Homura is an Innocence that involves the usage of flames and flowers, notably the rose flower. Resides in one half of Leanan's katana, Oujo no Ken.
2) Mio is another Innocence that involves the usage of water and butterflies, notably the butterflies with the black-and-blue wings. Resides in the second half of Leanan's Oujo no Ken.

Type: Equipment.

1) Homura: 86%
2) Mio: 89%

1) Homura is mostly used as a barrier of rose hedges, more for the defensive type than the offensive type. However, this Innocence's flames could be fatal is overly-used, causing damage to the User's body and shortens her lifespan.
2) Mio is mostly used for the offensive type, creating water-crystal cocoons to hit enemies and entrap them in a ball of water, assimilating their body liquid into an energy for the User. However, the poison from the Akuma's body liquid may harm the User, so she needs to be careful when using it.

-Abilities Template:
1) Bara no Shouheki (Rose Barrier) [ defensive type ]; Hana no Gensou no Sen Toge (A Thousand Thorns of A Flower's Illusion) [ offensive type ]
2) Hikou Sasayaki (Flying Whisper) [ defense ]; Gensou no Douki (Illusion Synchronization) [ offensive ]

1) Bara no Shouheki: Either entraps enemies or protect allies under a strong barrier of rose hedges that wraps around and forms a dome, a square or a triangle, can also be used to stab through enemies with minimal damage. Hana no Gensou no Sen Toge: After reaching a 100% synchronization with the Innocence, the User can create an illusion (real illusions) of more than a thousand of Oujo no Ken, destroying more enemies with increasing damage; however, it requires the User's continuous usage of energy, so it might be fatal to the User's life.

2) Hikou Sasayaki: Dispatch a butterfly to send messages to allies, or either as a barrier to protect, or either use them to suck the life out of enemies with minimal damage. Gensou no Douki: After reaching an 100% synchronization, the User can entrap enemies in balls of water-crystal and sucks the body liquid out of them, thus destroying them at the same time. However, if used against Akumas, the Akuma's body liquid may harm the User's body, so one needs to be careful when using it. Also requires energy that may shorten the User's lifespan.

Leanan comes from a decent family; her father travels a lot in search for money to raise her and her adopted older sister, an Exorcist name Leano Rose@Chou. In one of his travels, he and his travelling companions are attacked by an akuma and are killed, thus leaving Leanan and Leano as orphans; their mother had died when Leanan was born. Leano swears to protect Leanan with her life, and becomes an Exorcist after learning of her compatibility with one Innocence, thus separating the two sisters for quite a while. Leanan, out of loneliness, began to adapt a habit of going out and sleeping in the open for more than twice, thus worrying her sister and causing the two to argue even more. Eventually, Leano dies during one of her missions, and Leanan is left alone.

In due time, Leanan began to hear strange voices that seem to be talking to her, and soon become 'friends' with these 'voices', even naming them as Homura and Mio. Once Allen, Lenalee and Marie goes out to find more Innocence, they come across Leanan who tells them of the voices inside of her head. When an Akuma attacks them, Leanan accidentally activates an Innocence from within her body, which turns out to be one of the 'two voices' in her head, the one that is named Homura, allowing her to use the katana, Oujo no Ken, which is her father's possession. Alarmed, she begins to question herself, even voicing her thoughts if she is compatible enough with an Innocence; but upon bringing her to HQ, they discovers that she has more than one Innocence in herself, now taking residence in her katana. Komui finally takes her in and makes her an Exorcist, much to Leanan's alarmed self.

Background Info and Sample


Before Innocence Arc:
After recieving Innocence Arc:

RolePlaying Sample:
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Leanan Rose@Chou
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