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 James (Jamie) Ash (NPC)

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PostSubject: James (Jamie) Ash (NPC)   James (Jamie) Ash (NPC) I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 30, 2009 5:51 pm

-Name: James Edwards

-Nickname: Jamie

-Age: 29

-Gender: Male

-Weight: 137

-Height: 5' 9"

-Nationality: English

-Physical Descrption: Jamie is short for a guy, but doesn't seem to mind at all. He has bright blue eyes and blackish-gray hair. It is a family trait that only one child per generation has in the Ash family. Becauase of his short height, he took up cooking instead of playing sports like his brothers did.

-Personality: He is a very cheerfuly person. Because he was always teased as a kid, he is kind towards everyone and always ready to help people. Thats why he started working for the Order. But his kindness can get him into trouble too. Other people don't always agree with what he does.


-Sector: Medicial. His part involves food and making medicine from herbs when needed.

-How Long You Have Been working at the Black Order: He's been working at the Order for about six years now. He has many friends and people get along with him well.

-History and RP Sample

Jamie was born into the prestegious Ash family. They're rich aristocrats from London who made a fortune selling silk from China. Because of his family's status, Jamie learned every subject from latin to arithmatic. However, it bored him and he took up learning how to cook when he would sit in the kitchen to escape his lessons.

As he grew older, his brothers all became politicians, lawyers, and merchants, while he struggled with basic classes. So when an exorcist from the Black Order came to London on a mission, Jamie jumped at the chance and ran away with him to the Order, where he got a job as a cook.
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James (Jamie) Ash (NPC)
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