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 starting attempt

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mitsuhide akechi

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PostSubject: starting attempt   Wed Apr 29, 2009 3:39 pm

Name: Tandokuno Urufu (lone wolf)

User: kuroi hinode (black sunrise)

Description: this is a parasite type innocence that take the form of tribal markings along the face that never seem to stand still. they shift and morph in an almost hard to watch fashion the only time they stay stationary is when the innocence is activated. once activated it gives his face a very wolf like appearance

Type: parasite,

Syncro Rate: (the percentage that your character is syncronized with the Innocence. Generals are a 100% while normal exorcists can range from 50% to somewhere in the 90's if they're powerful)

History: (How did your Innocence come to your character?)
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starting attempt
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