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 Aillen (Muir's)

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PostSubject: Aillen (Muir's)   Aillen (Muir's) I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 26, 2009 5:02 pm

Name: Aillen (named for Muir's brother and the burning god of Irish mythology)

User: Muir Walker Black

Description: Aillen is a parasite that relies on Muir's voice to work. When the innocence is inactive, it takes the shape of a black and red tattoo. It is of a wolf that is engulfed in flames. The wolf is outlined in black, with Muir's skin filling it in. The flames around its body are red with little lines of black around some edges. When activated, the wolf moves into a jumping possition and the flames become part of its body. As well, two diamonds appear on Muir's forehead, matching the one's on the tattoo.
(Pictures are in Muir's description)

Type: parasite

Syncro Rate: 89%

History: Aillen was a bullet that was shot into Muir when he was young. It had been bought from a dealer in a small rual village in India by a hunter who was out to kill tigers. The bullet was shot into Muir's neck and allowed him to communicate with his foster family, the four tigers Sunface (later called King), Warmheart (later Theresa), Bigclaw (later General), and Forestwill (later Elena)
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Aillen (Muir's)
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