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 The Basic Rule Book

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The Basic Rule Book Empty
PostSubject: The Basic Rule Book   The Basic Rule Book I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 25, 2009 12:11 pm

This is just basic rules for the site overall... they will be added onto or deleted as time goes on.... These rules have been installed by the founder of this site and must be followed at all times.

1. No swearing please... its just disrespectful

2. No Godmoding... this one is sorta self-explanitory. If you do godmode, you will be asked to change your post until it fits the criteria.

3. This is a PG-13 site... please keep it slightly clean. You can have some gore (not a lot), but please, no "porno" stuff. We want to make this site open for everyone.

4. Do not post only one line in a reply unless it is spamming or some other discussion... it just pisses off everyone in the topic.

5. Do not argue with the staff. They know what is best for the site and if you think that its unfair, just PM another staff member and ask their opinion.

6. You may have up to two characters (only one exorcist or one Noah due to limited spots), but only one account please unless you are setting one up for a sibling.

7. Please no references to cannon characters such as Allen, Lenalee, or Komui... except for Lero, the Earl, and the 14th. There may be some NPC's that are similar to characters such as Mana Walker or Reever, but they are NOT them.

8. In a topic, you must have a minimum of one paragraph (5 sentences) per post. It only makes it fair, but hopefully you'll have much longer posts than this.

Updated: 4/23/09
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The Basic Rule Book
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